I have a six-year-old in the house and if we have the TV on during the day, it pretty much has to be Food Network. If I leave it on children's programming, she's glued to the TV and if I leave it on anything else there's a good chance she'll hear an F-bomb and see some things that aren't necessarily appropriate for a small child to be watching. I mean, I started Working Moms on Netflix thinking, "I'm a working mom. This show will be awesome." After the first few episodes I had to turn it off. There was one particular scene where the mom was pumping at work and well, yeah... After that I was like, thiiiiisss just isn't for me.

Another show on Netflix that recently caught my attention was Dead to Me. I binged it on our flight to New Orleans a couple weeks ago. The story-line was really good but like most adult shows, it was riddled with bad language and adult themes. Let me be clear - I didn't stop watching that one. It was so so so good.

But, today, I saw a sponsored ad on Facebook for Dead to Me. I was curious and went into the comments to see what others thought. One thing that stood out to me was this comment and all the support it had: Heidi Allen I enjoy the story line and characters but really am tired of the constant “F” word. Clean it up a bit Netflix.

There were 35 comments of the comment and 75 reactions.

Cindra Johannes Heidi Allen agreed! It's losing its impact, and it just doesn't add anything, imo.

Cary Gindele Netflix sounds like immature, jr. High kids who think it makes them sound older. Grow up! You don't need to drop the F bomb so ridiculously much that it sounds like the goal is to try PO as many people as they can. Good news is I accomplish the same thing on Fb cuz anyone who thinks they have to respond with as many F bombs is only wasting their energy being just as childish...I don't have to read response any more than I have to watch Netflix.

And of course, not everyone agreed:

Nina Garcia I love the F word. ‍♀️ It's a modern adult show - I watch enough "clean" TV when my kids are awake. 

Sara Ocampo Or you can choose not to watch it

There were also a plethora of really witty people who threw the f-word into their reply just to get old Heidi's goat because... the internet...

Personally, to me it's like any other word and CAN be annoying and distracting. I'd be equally as annoyed if the actors said, "ummmm, like, banana, pooper, flapfart, chicken stank, flange, goober guts or anything else as much as the f-word is dropped.

To prove my point, here's an excerpt from episode one. I replaced the f-word with Banana. BTW this might be a spoiler if you haven't seen it. 

Her fiance is not dead, okay? I mean, unless that was his ghost who answered the door last night, because that that would be bananaing complicated.
But it's not complicated, Judy, because he's not bananaing dead! What the banana? What, do you get off pretending you're going through the same thing I am? - No.
Of course not.
- No? Is this a game you're playing with me, with everybody else? Making up that whole bananaing story? You don't belong here because he's not bananaing dead, Judy.
He broke up with you! Probably 'cause you're a bananaing lunatic who lies about him bananaing being dead.

Orange you glad I replaced all those f-bombs with bananas?

It doesn't offend me. It's just overkill and a bit of a distraction to me. So, your turn. Does the f-word turn you off or do you like it in shows?


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