Jason Momoa is the not only the King of the Seas in DC's newest cinematic installment but 'Aquaman' is King at the Box Office as well! Taking in over $480 Million over the Christmas weekend, Aquaman drowned out the competion and is probably the best movie in the Justice League series so far (sorry Wonder Woman)!

'Aquaman' takes place before the 'Justice League' movie, and opens up with a carefree 'Arthur the FishMan' having a drink with his father a local fisherman's bar, after having disable a submarine full of pirates. Believing that his mother sacrificed herself so that he could live, Arthur wants nothing to do with Atlantis, until a woman from his estranged underwater homeworld show up to in an attempt bring Arthur back to Atlantis to claim the throne from his power hungry step brother.

Jason Momoa spends almost a third of the movie either walking out of the water shirtless or going into the water SHIRTLESS all while wearing the world's quickest drying blue jeans! Willem Dafoe (Spiderman, Deathnote) co-stars in this one as young Arthur's mentor and trainer getting him ready for a fate that has yet to be revealed to him. The CGI used to make Dafoe look younger was flawless as I had to take a double take before I realized that it was him, but his raspy voice was definite unmistakable!

I love the way the underwater world lit up with the young Arthur first learned how to use his underwater night vision. It was like someone turned up the brightness and color saturation on my TV while water an underwater nature documentary.

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