Everyone loves teddy bears. Until now.

Introducing the Annoying Teddy Bear. Why is it annoying? Because it plays "Happy Birthday" non-stop. You can only put an end to it by either destroying it or letting the battery die, which, according to the video above, takes three-and-a-half hours.

Three-and-a-half hours. That's not just annoying. That's also insanity-causing.

The father and daughter team (she's 8) behind Annoying Teddy Bear have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $7,500 for the project in the hopes of making 50,000 of these suckers and driving a good chunk of the nation bonkers.

This is the epitome of a prank gift, something the creators happily embrace:

Yes, it is. We spent more than two years crafting the perfect annoying teddy bear that would piss off someone you dislike or like. We hand selected the finest materials from around the world to provide the highest quality teddy bear. We found the most respected seamstress to carefully craft our teddy bear. We performed a quality control test with over two dozen people to help us reach the perfect annoyance level.

The bear is expected to cost $20. And you'd be wise to note that right now there is no test mode, which means that once you start playing the song there's no stopping it, kind of like Donald Trump's push to the White House.

And if the Annoying Teddy Bear is not your speed, may we suggest the Jester Greeting Card? That's a card that plays "Happy Birthday" until you either rip it to shreds or let its battery die out.

We're not sure these will catch on, but we do know it's not wise to get this father and daughter on your bad side.

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