FOX made the announcement that they will be cancelling American Idol after it's 15th season in January 2016. The Rob & Kat asked the tristate their thoughts... are you still watching or have you given up?




While it's easy to mock American Idol for its incredible decline in ratings and relevancy, it should be remembered the HUGE footprint this stupid show left on American television and pop culture.  Am I happy the show is going away?  OMG yes. But its former success is nearly unrivaled as making a cultural impact.


For me, American Idol was done a long time ago. When they started changing out the judges for what seemed like every other season, I lost my attachment. Not to mention there were times when I just lost faith in America when some of the better performers ended up being voted off. All and all, I think it has had a good run, but it's time to put it to rest.



It is reporting that season 15 (the next season) will be the FINAL one for American Idol. Are you upset or relieved?!?

Posted by 106.1 KISS-FM on Monday, May 11, 2015