After being gone for 16-years at the Texas State Aquarium, Kai Dolphin has returned to the Brookfield Zoo.

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Kai Dolphin is now 27-years old and was born at the Brookfield Zoo, he has since returned after being gone for many years and will soon be able to be seen by the public as he adjusts to his new dolphin friends and caretakers.

The Texas State Aquarium and the Brookfield Zoo did a trade to get kai back. In order to make this happen the zoo trades their 8-year old dolphin to the Texas State Aquarium. Brookfield Zoo released a video of Kai to let all of his fans know that he is adjusting well to his new surroundings and is excited to meet visitors.

Kai may be the oldest dolphin that was born at a zoo, but the Gunness World Record for oldest dolphin in the world belongs to a  bottlenose dolphin named Fungie. Fungie was first spotted in 1983 and is estimated to be the least 40-years old, and according to, bottlenose dolphins can live between 30-50 years so there is still plenty of party time for Fungie.

There is no word from the Brookfield Zoo as to when Kai will be out for visitors to see, but how cool is it to have the oldest living dolphin in Illinois and just a few hours away from the Tri-States. While you're there visiting make sure you visit the Ice Age Giants which will be on display through October 31.

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