There are a lot of animals in desperate need of adoption at the Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky! Take a look at some of the faces that need a home!

Our friends at the Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky are running out of space and they need our help! If you've been wanting to adopt but putting it off, not is the time to do it! They have worked so hard in Henderson to reduce the euthanasia rates - in fact they have been recognized on a national level for dropping their euthanasia rate to a single digit percentage.

This is only a small handful of the pets available from the Humane Society of Henderson County. Photos:

Right now the shelter is full. They are at or beyond capacity, and they are in dire need to move these animal into loving forever homes! The Humane Society is also "Rescue Friendly," meaning that these animals can be pulled into rescue and foster care until that loving forever home can be found. To view the animals that are currently available for adoption visit their Petfinder Page. Remember: Don't Shop! Adopt!

I'd like to point out, that adoption fees include the spay/neuter and micro-chipping of the animal, and all animals are current and up to date on vaccines. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing please contact:

Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky
203 Drury Lane
Henderson, KY 42420

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