The thought of seeing an abandoned ghost town goes me chills. I'm not sure I would ever want to leave. If one house has stories to tell, an you imagine a whole town. This town, in particular, is unique because it was an old West themed amusement park. Located near the incredible Cumberland Falls in Eastern Kentucky, it sits not too far from an old abandoned amusement park named, Tombstone Junction.

From the sixties through the eighties, Tombstone Junction was a very popular amusement park, but eventually had to shut down due to a fire in 1989. Although I couldn't find much history of the ghost town, my understanding is that a steam engine train would leave Tombstone Junction and take you up to Six Gun City, and then back. It appears the railroad is no longer there. And, although abandoned, some of Six Gun City is still standing high, on a hill, in Cumberland Forest, at the end of a very steep and winding path.

Let's take a tour of the creepy and awesome Six Gun City.

Abandoned Kentucky Ghost Town Looks Like Something Out of a Movie


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