Yes, you read that sentence correctly. A gorilla helped write a song about global warming.

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Koko the Gorilla is a beloved gorilla icon. The Laurel County Animal Company has been working with animals and music for many years. The latest song is called "Man Stupid," which has lyrics written by Koko (who communicates through sign language).

The song is about the dangers of climate change and what it could do to the world. So yeah, basically a gorilla has figured out the climate change is a real thing while several scientists and members of government deny that it's happening. You can hear the song belong and read the full press release!


Sunday, February 05, 2017
Laurel Canyon animal Company releases MAN STUPID! - a dual-species song giving voice to the danger of denying climate change
MAN STUPID! is a unique musical collaboration between Skip Haynes, the composer and performer of the classic rock hit ”Lake Shore Drive” and Dana Walden, composer and performer of the international hit “How ‘Bout Us?” (known collectively as the Laurel Canyon Animal Company) and cultural icon Koko - the lowland gorilla who communicates through sign language.  The song incorporates Koko’s speech regarding the dangers of denying climate change. 85% percent of the lyrics of MAN STUPID! (including the title) are Koko’s words.
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is a Los Angeles based record label that has been creating music exclusively about, for and with animals since 1998. One of the first animals on their roster was Koko. They began working musically with her in 2004. 
• The Gorilla Foundation is the only organization in the world dedicated to understanding and saving the endangered Lowland Gorilla. 
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record label in the world dedicated to creating a bridge between animals and humans through music. 
Koko is the only Gorilla in the world dedicated to saving the planet. 
• All three came together in MAN STUPID! to give nature a unique voice and song about the danger of denying climate change.
MAN STUPID! comes with a very famous gorilla as a spokesperson to support the position that climate change is a clear and present danger. MAN STUPID! is also the first song of the first dual-species album.
For more information please visit our web site - or we’d be happy to send a review copy/mp3 of MAN STUPID! and answer any questions you may have on this story.
50% of the net profits are donated to the Gorilla Foundation to help save endangered lowland gorillas and promote climate change education. 
To quote:
“Koko man love – but man stupid.” She’s got a point.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Best regards,
Skip Haynes


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