A nine-year-old girl in Panama City, Florida got an unexpected first driving lesson.

Esteria Smith recently took over the wheel of the car when her father, John, lost his vision after he picked her up from karate class.

Esteria jumped into action from the backseat, saying her dad was driving erratically. She started driving with one hand and somehow made it eight blocks to the hospital, saving his life in the process.

She said it was quite a scene:

He was fighting with me and I couldn't make the turns that I needed to do. He was pushing the accelerator and I was right here, [behind him in the backseat] reaching over him, driving with one hand. I hit a curve and we almost ran into the front of an ambulance!"

At that point, John had no more use of his motor skills and had no more memory. He eventually lost consciousness.

Esteria filled personnel in on what happened and doctors soon found John had a golf ball-sized tumor in his brain. He's due to begin treatment soon.

Watch John and Esteria talk about the unlikely incident below.