How many of these do you eat? Did you know how bad they are for your heart? Growing up, I was a heart patient, as I call it. I had Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) and it was stressful, as you can imagine. I basically couldn't have caffeine but when I had surgery in the spring of 2018 I had to be on a "heart diet". Talk about no flavor whatsoever! It was miserable.

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Charley Gallay

Since then, I have gained a few lbs because I have been indulging in whatever I want because I work out so I assume I burn it off. However, apparently the following 50 foods are the WORST for your heart!

1. Candy

2. Potato Chips

3. Pancake Syrup

4. Canned Soup

5. Coffee Creamers

6. Cake

7. Soda

8. Diet Soda

9. Pie

10. White Bread

11. Biscuits

12. Ice Cream

13. Margarine

14. Sugary Cereals

15. White Rice

16. Ketchup

17. Croissants

18.  Flavored Yogurt

19. Teriyaki Sauce

20. Milkshakes

21. Deli Meats

22. Bacon

23. Soy Sauce

24. Bouillon Cubes

25. Sausage

26. Cheese

27. Bottled Fruit Juice

28. Pizza

29. French Fries

30. Gravy

31. Cinnamon Buns

32. Steak

33. Brownies

34. Pasta Sauce

35. Hot Dogs

36. Vegetable Shortening

37. Muffins

38. Frozen Dinners

39. Cheeseburgers

40. Chinese Takeout

41. Butter

42. Sour Cream

43. Salad Dressing

44. Restaurant Soup

45. Fried Chicken

46. Fat-Free Products

47. Flavored Milk Alternatives

48. Smoothies

49. Tomato Juice

50. BBQ Sauce

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