Rapper 50 Cent is out promoting his latest album, 'Animal Ambition,' and while on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' the hip-hop star took some time to spoof the new Disney movie, 'Maleficent.'

"You've got a big, big, big film coming out soon," said Kimmel as he looked at 50 Cent. "Yeah, look, I did a big one. This one ain't going to no Redbox," 50 Cent responded.

They then proceeded to play a faux trailer for 'MaleFiftyCent' where 50 Cent appears on screen dressed in Angelina Jolie's costume from 'Maleficent.' The tagline of the fake movie is "Get Witch or Die Tryin,'" a play on 50 Cent's first album, 'Get Rich or Die Tryin.''

Also known by his real name Curtis Jackson, the hop-hop mogul is usually open to poking fun of himself. Earlier this week, he addressed the Aziz Ansari stand-up routine where Ansari claims 50 Cent had never heard of grapefruit before.

'MaleFiftyCent'? Now that's a movie we'd definitely pay to see!

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