Need to take a date for a night on the town but don't know where to go or what to do? Never fear, Sunny's here with five unique and totally fun local dates exclusive to Owensboro!

1) A booze-a-palooza!
If you're a drinker then Owensboro has some amazing places for you. From O.Z Tyler Distillery to SIP Wine Room, Owensboro has something for everyone. Take a behind-the-scenes tour at O.Z. Tyler Distillery and even do some tasting! If that's not for you or your date, try heading over to SIP Wine Room where they have a gorgeous, polished multi-variety wine experience complete with ambiance. Don't forget CYO Brewing downtown and their selection of bourbons from their Whiskey Lounge!

2) Get your local art on.
Love everything art? The Artist's Tribe and Studio 105 Art and Frame Gallery are the perfect places to take an artsy date! Studio 105 has an extensive collection of artworks and frames for the art lover. The Artist's Tribe is a shop which is set up like a gallery made up of unique works from a collective of local artists. From art to plants, to quilts, to jewelry and more, the Artist's Tribe has something for everyone!

3) Take a scenic hike or nature stroll.
Owensboro has some of the most beautiful nature locations in the entire state! For a quiet date or for anyone who loves nature, the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden and Yellow Creek Park both offer gorgeous scenery and hours of walking paths, providing a serene and intimate outdoor getaway.

4) Listen to the best beautiful blues and more.
Get your groove on by attending one of the biggest bluegrass festivals in the nation, ROMP Fest, in June and camp all weekend! Maybe you won't be in town in June and that's okay - try Friday After 5 instead, the local FREE concert and street fair festival every Friday night in the summer beginning at 5 p.m! If you're not exclusively looking for summer dates, check out the International Blue Grass Museum. Everybody digs music!

5) Downtown Owensboro dinner date and city stroll.
Not many Tri-State towns have as wonderful of a downtown area as Owensboro! Take a lunch or dinner date and start with a downtown stroll. Walk through Smothers park and take in the beautiful view. Head over to one of the many amazing local downtown restaurants such as Fetta Specialty Pizza or Bee Bops Classic Diner! Stop in for coffee and dessert at The Creme Coffee House, all while pausing to head in and out of the many local downtown shops!

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