You may recognize Michelle Chamuel from her amazing performances on season four of 'The Voice.' Now, the singer is exclusively revealing five things we bet you didn't know about her!

Intrigued yet? Here's a little teaser about what to expect. For starters, English is not Michelle's first language! She reveals what language she first spoke -- as well as her first word.

The singer also opens up about her music career before she appeared on 'The Voice.' Apparently there were times she smelled like "garbage french fries." Um, what? You'll have to check out the video for her full (and fascinating!) explanation.

Other fun facts about Michelle include a little-known detail about her thumbs (hint: It involves a tetherball incident), a secret to her recording process and the surprising location where she filmed her video for PopCrush.

Want more from Michelle? Listen to her new song 'Face the Fire' right here or download it on iTunes. She's also heading out on tour! The full list of dates is on her website.

And, of course, watch Michelle Chamuel reveal 5 things you didn't know about her in the video above!

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