Back in 2013, Kelsie Watts was taking the stage at Holiday World and belting out the hits of the 80s in the amusement park's popular show, 80s Rewind.  Last night, Kelsie walked onto an even bigger stage- NBC's The Voice.  There, with the backs of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson turned to her, she competed for a spot on the show in the Blind Audition round.  And, get this!  To earn a spot on a team, she belted out her version of a Kelly Clarkson song.  WATCH!

Kelsie is originally from Lubbock, Texas, but now lives in Nashville.  As you can see, Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani were impressed enough to push their buttons and turn their chairs around.  However, it was truly no surprise that Kelsie eventually chose to join Team Kelly.

And, by the way, if you're curious to hear just how much different Kelsie's version of the song is from Kelly's, here's Clarkson's original.  You may remember this from the recent season finale.

Congratulations, Kelsie!  Good luck in the upcoming rounds.  If comments on local social media are any indication, you have folks here in the tristate rooting for you.

Michael Knies said- "She did great!"

Jenny Cook went one step further and said, "She was my favorite."

And Amy Antonini Wilson said, "Woooooooow!!!!! Gorgeous voice!"

Gorgeous voice, indeed!  Now the question is this.  Will Kelsie Watts win and be The Voice?

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