There's nothing like a good laugh. It can make a good conversation great, it can brighten up an otherwise crappy day, heck it could even help you live longer. The following six things are just a few of the surefire things that will give me, at the very least, a good chuckle.

Dogs Doing Their Business


Do you think they laugh a little on the inside and see us sitting on the toilet?



It's not the smell, but the sound. Why it makes that sound out of that opening, I'll never know. And frankly, I don't want to, it will just cheapen the moment.

Sweet Brown Remixed

This was already funny, then someone struck comedy gold by putting a foot-stomping beat behind it, clips of tap dancing monkeys, and a picture of a lizard Jesus among other things. It will live forever in Internet infamy!

Ordering an "8-inch Italian" at Penn Station East Coast Subs

(Official Mario Facebook)

The Italian is the whole reason I go to Penn Station, but I can't order it without laughing because I think of this, or something far dirtier.

The Word "Duty" or The Unintentional Use of "Do-Do" in a Sentence


Because it sounds like something to do with poop, you see. My wife is a teacher and every time she tells me that she had recess duty at school, I chuckle. Because I'm a child.


There are very few shows I can tolerate on Disney Channel, and Gravity Falls is one of them. I won't go into what it's about (feel free to find that out on your own), but when the first episode involved a forest-dwelling gnome vomiting a rainbow, I knew they were on to something.