While there are about a couple thousand fun things to do with kids in and around Evansville, these five are pretty amazing. Some are even considered part of the 'Evansville' experience! So check out these five awesome things to take your kids to do around the tri-state area this summer!

1)An Evansville Otters Game
There's nothing quite like experiencing an Evansville Otter's game. I've been to both a major league (Go Cardinals!) game and several Evansville Otters games and there's really something magical about the entire experience. The wealth of history exuding from Bosse field, coupled with our hometown feel, and genuine enthusiasm for our home team is just something one must experience to understand the gravity of the emotion it brings to a person. This is definitely one of my kids' favorite things to do in the summer.

2) Holiday World
What is an Evansville summer without making the trip up to Santa Claus to see the big guy himself? Almost everyone knows how fun Holiday World is for kids and adults, so making that annual trip is a must in the summer!

3) Marengo Cave
This is on my to-do list this summer, as I have never been to a cave and would really love to go. From what I've heard, it's a one in a lifetime experience! I'm going to fight my crippling fear of claustrophobia to explore this cave because it looks that cool!

4) Escape Evansville
Escape Evansville is a place for a great time on a rainy or too hot summer day. Everyone knows those few weeks we get in the summer where it gets so hot and humid that your underwear starts crawling up- well anyway, on those days a room escape game is exactly what you need. Try your luck at escape by engaging your brain with multiple different escape room challenges at Escape Evansville.

5) Smoothers Park
Smoothers Park in Owensboro, Kentucky is definitely a place to check out this summer if you've never been! Only about 45 minutes from Evansville, Smoothers Park is like no other park you've been too before. Smoothers boasts a wealth of playground equipment, a splash pad, several metal bench swings along the river, and beautiful cascading fountains just to name a few things. Check out the video below to get a better idea of Smoothers, as my words can hardly do it justice.

Whatever you choose to do Evansville, have fun in the sun, wear sunscreen, and stay safe! Summer 2017 is coming soon, baby!

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