I. Love. Sushi. And I'm always looking for somewhere new to try it, which is why I reached out you through our Facebook page to get your opinion on the best places to get great sushi in Evansville.

Enjoying sushi is a relatively new experience for me. Back in the day when my diet consisted mainly of meat, corn, and potatoes, the idea of eating raw fish (which technically isn't "sushi," more on that in a bit) would result in full body convulsion, and a facial expression that looked something like this:

But then I tried it, and it wasn't just pretty good, it was downright delicious! (Maybe Mom was onto something with that whole, "You won't know until you try it" thing.)

Maybe you're like the old me. Completely disgusted by the idea of eating raw fish, which is usually where people's minds go when the word "sushi" is thrown around. Here's the thing, sushi doesn't always include raw fish. Certain rolls do, but most restaurants offer a variety of rolls that include cooked fish or meat, imitation crab meat, or no meat at all, just veggies and other non-meat ingredients. What many people think of as sushi is actually sashimi (pronounced: Sah-She-Me), which is simply sliced, raw protein. There's also maki, and nigiri. Here, this video will explain:

Now then, on to where you think the best places in Evansville are to get all of it.

Since I only asked for the location, and not specifically why you thought a certain location was the best, I'm including a Yelp review from each as well. Let's dig in (in no particular order).

Kanpai Sushi & Asian Bistro

Yelp.com review from "L.J."

Whenever I'm in the mood for sushi this is where I come. The sushi is so good and well made. My husband is always impressed with the beer selection and price. The only down side is the size of the place. Very small so it tends to get crowded and loud easily. Not that it keeps me away but this place could use extra space. If the owner is in the building you can see his efforts to make sure your dinner is perfect. It's refreshing.

ROPPONGI Japanese Steak & Sushi

Yelp.com review from "Julie T."

This place is soooo good!!! The sushi is GREAT! Especially for southern Indiana. We have eaten there several times. Love love love the 007 and red bull rolls. I wished we lived closer. Service is always great. Grill cooks are very entertaining! This is my kids FAVORITE place to eat anytime we are in Evansville. If we don't eat there we always stop and get sushi to go for lunch next day. All the staff has always been very nice and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Zuki Japanese Grill and Sushi (2 locations)

Yelp.com review from "Beth J."

This is by far mine and my boyfriend's favorite sushi place in Evansville! I like the hibachi veggies here better than nagasaki as well. Cool atmosphere, friendly people, and I've never had a long wait.

Lin's Asian Express

Yelp.com review from "Joni T."

Awesome fresh food! Very friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Sushi and hibachi! One of my favorites! Def worth the try.

Ninki Japanese Bistro (Newburgh)

Yelp.com review from "Paul Z."

Our first time and it was excellent! Met the owner and novel sushi rolls which we really enjoyed. Will definitely be back . Our new favorite sushi restaurant!

Did your favorite make the list? If not, let everyone know in the comments below.

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