The 95th Annual Westside Nut Club Fall Festival is less than a week away! We've got your ultimate survival guide.




Everyone in Evansville will be at the 95th Annual Westside Nut Club Fall Festival the week of October 3rd and here is what you need to be prepared:



While there is some free street parking, if you want to park quickly and conveniently, it'll cost you. Most of the parking is paid and the proceeds go to various local charities. Also, while some of the food booths take cards, some don't. You don't want to miss out on your favorite Fall Festival treat because you don't have a few extra dollars in cash.




If you're going to be down during the daytime for any length of time, don't forget the sunscreen. Yes, it's October and the weather will be comfortable, but the risk for sunburn is still very much real.


Comfortable Shoes


You don't have to wear your gym shoes, but a pair of 6 inch heels may not be your best bet either. If you plan to eat a lot, you're going to be doing a lot of walking so do your feet a favor, and wear some comfortable shoes.


Hand Sanitizer


It's a street festival. It's outside. You're touching all kinds of stuff, including the food that you're likely going to handle with your bare hands. Save yourself the sick days and whip out some hand sanitizer.




I have two words for you: Fried foods! While there are some healthier options at the Fall Festival, the majority of what you will find is deep fried. Eat enough of it, and you'll land yourself a wicked case of heartburn. Plan ahead. Throw some Rolaids or Tums in your pocket or purse


Munchie Maps

West Side Nut Club


This is the Holy Grail when it comes to finding all of the deep fried and sugary treats available at the festival. You will need your Munchie Map. You can download a copy here or stop my the KISS-FM tent on 11th at Franklin to pick up a paper copy!


Discounted Arm Band


If you plan to purchase wristbands for the rides - for yourself or your kids - do yourself a favor and take advantage of the $2 discount available at Seize The Deal. That's $2 you can use to buy more fried food!