Now, we know that Tom Hanks was a big fan of Evansville, IN when he filmed parts of 'A League of Their Own' at Bosse Field. Since I was in the movie with him...Ok technically, I never saw myself, but I really need to see it in 4K. Anyway, we were basically long distanced co-stars, so I have taken the LIBERTY of finding the Hanks family the perfect Evansville home.

Evansville, IN in a League of its Own

In a recent interview, on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Tom Hanks was asked to rank his top 3 Tom Hanks movies. His number 1 was A League of Their Own. Why?

"I would probably say A League of Their Own would be number 1 because all I did all summer was play baseball. I shagged [fly] balls, I ate turkey dogs, I played baseball all summer long in Evansville, IN. And I had all of my kids with me. I had all of my family with me. We lived in a house in the middle of cornfields. We went to Burger King at night and Dairy Queen in the afternoon. It was a great summer, and my family still speaks about it."

If Tom Hanks Ever Moved to Evansville, Where Would he Live?

Theresa Catanese, Keller Williams Capital Realty
Theresa Catanese, Keller Williams Capital Realty

I have found the perfect home for Tom Hanks to buy, so he can visit one of his favorite areas anytime. Located at 2200 Speaker Rd Evansville, IN 47712, the price tag is only $1,999,000!

  • It's near the Dairy Queen on 41
  • It has a pond
  • Saltwater pool
  • I can find it on a map, you know in case he wants company
  • It is also near Darmstadt - The area his family loved.

This 2 Million Dollar Home in Evansville is Perfect

This home is just so perfect! Not only does it have a stocked pond, heated saltwater pool, steam room, theatre room, and it's on Speaker Road. That's just the beginning of what this amazing home has to offer. 2200 Speaker Rd Evansville, IN 47712.

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