Imagine how bad things have got to make Tom Hanks mad.

Hanks, beloved nice guy of the silver screen, did not mince words about the coronavirus and the politicization of mask wearing when asked about it during his press “tour” (i.e. he’s sitting in a room and doing Zoom calls with journalists) for his new Apple TV+ original Greyhound. Hanks says flat out he has “no respect” for anyone who refuses to wear masks and socially distance themselves. In fact, he says, wearing a mask is “literally the least you can do” during these difficult times.

Hanks didn’t make these comments offhandedly in private, either. He said them on the record, on camera, during an interview with the Associated Press. You can watch them for yourself:

Obviously coronavirus is a subject of personal importance to Hanks; he and his wife Rita Wilson were among the very first public figures to be sickened by the coronavirus. Hanks and Wilson became ill in Australia, where Hanks was filming an Elvis Presley biopic. Thankfully, both had relatively mild cases. Eventually, both made full recoveries and returned to the United States.

Others are far less lucky. To date more than 11.6 million people worldwide have contracted the coronavirus and over 539,000 have died. So wear a mask. Please don’t make Tom Hanks mad again. It’s such a troubling image. Greyhound will be available on Apple TV+ this Friday.

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