We hear a lot about the waterfalls in Tennessee and Kentucky, but did you know there are waterfalls in Southern Illinois and many of them are only a couple of hours from Evansville?  You hear a lot of people talk about Garden of the Gods  and Cave in Rock when they talk about Shawnee National Forest  but it is so much more than that! It's a beautiful, natural landscape spanning approximately 280,000 acres of land full of wild flora and fauna, hiking trails, camping, hunting, fishing, rock climbing and of course waterfalls!

I recently joined a Facebook group dedicated to the Shawnee National Forest that has nearly 40,000 members. The group ranges from those who are new to the area of Shawnee and those who are well experienced nature lovers who have spent many days traversing trails and taking photographs. One of those members, Grant Twiss, has given me permission to share some of his photographs with you. He is a native to Southern Illinois and has always felt that Shawnee is a very special place. You can see more of his photography at GrantTwiss.com. The photos below feature a 12 of the waterfalls from several areas of Shawnee National Forest and surrounding areas. While most are accessible via trails, some require a bit more skill and some bushwhacking to get to them.

Take a look and start planning your next adventure! Be sure you download a copy of the GPS map here and check out the interactive recreation map here before you go. If you're extra adventurous, you may even want to check out the 160 mile River to River trail that connects the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. More information is available at USDA Forest Service website as well. I was able to locate coordinates to the falls photographed below as well as many others on the River to River Trail Society website. If you do decide to hike to any of these falls, be sure you are properly prepared.

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Waterfalls of Shawnee National Forest