Taking a road trip is something that I crave often.  It's cheaper than flying and you get a great bonding experience with the people you're traveling with.  Cause who doesn't love sharing the miserable feeling of not being able to stretch out your legs around family and friends?

I've now mastered how to keep myself entertained on the road and here's my list to help you out too!

1.  Head's Up.  It's an app and it can seriously pass the time and create so many laughs and memories.  (it also drains your phones' battery so be sure to bring a car charger)

2.  Be sure to make a playlist.  I recently just took a road trip and my only options were the radio and one Michael Buble CD.  (Don't get me wrong, Michael Buble is great....just not 30 hours great)

3.  Make a friendship bracelet....RETURN TO CHILDHOOD.  Remember how much fun you had making these?  Imagine how your friends' face will look when you give it to him or her.  It'll definitely bring back memories.

4.  Next Pee Buys.  Got someone who constantly has to pee when you just want to keep going???? Implement the rule that whoever makes the car have to stop next, buys next drink or snack.

5.  Learn how to read an actual atlas.  Or if you already know, just look at some of the new places all around you and what that state has to offer you.

6.  Download Starmaker app and have  a karaoke contest in the car (IDK why I'm so obsessed with this game)

7.  ABC game. Go in alphabetical order and name things that you see as you're driving.

8.  Got whiny kids??? Play the quarter game.  Before you leave the house, put about 5-10 dollars of quarters in a baggy per each kid.  Every time they won't settle down or misbehave take away the amount of change you see necessary.  When the trip is over he or she gets to keep what ever is left the bag. (My dad did this with me and my brothers, not sure why since I was a perfect angel...)

9.  Read a book or magazine.  That is if you can take it, don't make yourself car sick, that will make the trip even more worse than just sitting with nothing to do.

10.  Plan out little stops along the way.  Sometimes road trips have strict time limits where this isn't possible, but if you have  a chance to leave a day or two early to break up the drive it makes it much better.

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