Everyone knows that summer is the best! The summers you spent as a kid were even better. Back in the day, life seemed so much easier and carefree in the summertime. My favorite memories were frequently ones of my friends and family spending time together cooling off and having fun in the sun! Here are 10 fun ways we miss cooling off in the summer as kids:

1) Popsicles
When it was swealtering hot outside and it was so hot that you could barely move, an angel in the form of frozen sugar came to save your soul. The popsicle might be one of the single best summer desserts of all time. The vibrant colors, the frozen coldness, the way it slid up as you pushed it up out of the wrapper, the way it melted before you could eat it and you had left over bright colored sugar juice shot at the end; it was all so perfect.

2) Super Soaker Gun Fights
The super soaker was an awesome toy invented in the very early 90's. Essentially, it's a water gun on steroids. The super soaker was designed to soak your opponent from fairly far distances with super presurized velocity streams of water.

3) Water Balloons
Water balloon fights! Nothing like a good old water balloon fight! What can you say? Big, fat water balloons just waiting to be thrown and exploded on your unsuspecting victims. Water balloon fights are pretty much the snowball fights of summer.

4) Going to the Pool
Regardless of which pool, hanging poolside was the best way to spend the hot summer days. Swimming for thirty minutes, then warming up a bit in the sun. Then maybe a snack in between before heading back into the pool!

5) Playing in the Hose
Playing in the hose was always a treat. Remember how apprehensive your parents would be at first letting you play in the hose or even holding it with them standing nearby? It's like they knew you were going to squirt them (because they did know, and you did squirt them) but they decided to let you play with it anyway because of the pure joy it brought to you. Playing with the hose and trying to figure out how to change the flow of the streams was always a childhood favorite.

6) Eating Snow Cones
Snow cone booths open and more violently bright colored, frozen sugar bombs are ready to hit your growling stomach! Snow cones were great when your parents were running errands all day and there wasn't time to hit the pool. Long live the snow cone!

7) Icecream Truck Fun
The sounds of the icecream truck's motor, the ringing of the universal icecream truck song ringing through the hot summer air just calling to you, saying your name. 'Hey kid, you need icecream.' That statement just rings in your ears and at that moment you know the statement isn't wrong. It's almost like divine intervention. Then the instinct to run comes into play. Chasing down the icecream truck with your parents' fresh dollar bills in your hand is absolutely exhilarting. The icecream is fine too, but it's the whole experience that makes this summer activity particularly special.

8) Wet Trampolines
Trampolines in summer are fun just by themselves. However, a wet trampoline is something dreams are made of. Protip: Using cheap shaving cream on a trampoline is one of the best childhood memories one could make. However, it does make the trampoline super slick and probably not very safe. However, when you're a twelve year old kid and you figure out how to make a bouncy trampoline slip and slide, you do it.

9) Visiting the Lake
Visiting the lake is a great way to cool off in the summer time. Shade trees around the lake can provide fun and cooler temperatures and the mud can provide hours of entertainment when you're a kid. The lake itself can even be a fun place to swim or get wet with the proper safety precautions! Lakes in the summer are fantastic summer nature getaways.

10) Fishing
Finally, fishing is a pretty great way to spend the summer staying entertained and cool. Not everybody gets wet while fishing, but when I was a kid I had more fun playing in the shallow part of the pond than I did waiting for the fish but both were pretty neat. Fishing with friends and family as a kid are just some of those great bonding experiences that you never forget.

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