1) The Selfie
A selfie every once in a while is alright. I don't mind it. Even a series of selfies is fine if you don't post them frequently. However, someone that posts one or more selfies a day every day I have to admit, I kind of hate you. Not really, because I don't hate most people but you're definitely annoying on social media. I'm sorry. It's just a fact.

2) Tons of Insta, Snap, or Facebook Videos
While platforms like Snapchat or Instagram Stories are highly fun and entertaining with filters and puppy faces, they also can be quite annoying. When someone posts like eight thousand 10 to 15-second videos in a row it gets irritating. I especially can't stand people who advertise on Insta-story or Snapchat. "Swipe Up To Get the Deets" they'll say. How about no. I don't want to swipe up and look at your friggin' website thank you very much.

3) Going Live
One of if not the single most irritating thing about social media now is what is called "Going Live". For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a live video that someone starts streaming directly to platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Every time this person goes live, your social media stream will be interrupted with "Such and Such that you really don't care about and only knew in high school but you're following none-the-less is going LIVE!" Why even include a live option? If I wanted to see what was going on in your life in real time, I'd physically be there in person to be a part of it.

4) Random Bot Follows
Robot or 'bot' followers have been a problem since the dawn of social media. Whether it's a fan page, porn account, or whatever, they're forever loathsome. If I want to find out about Charlie Hunnam's hair I'll Google it instead of following a social media account dedicated to hair, thank you.

5) Tagging
Tagging is awful. If I like a picture of myself or of us, I'll get it from you. STOP TAGGING ME! That is all.

6) Negativity and Complaining
Everyone complains every now and again on social media. It's natural. We all complain occasionally in real life so it only stands to reason that we would on social media. However, when someone is constantly negative or complaining on their social media page I will unfollow or unfriend them. I apologize but I can't have you ruining my vibe.

7) Go Fund Me
Now this one is a split subject. I feel as though there is a place for and a need for Go Fund Me pages. I do appreciate them when I'd like to donate to a worthy cause or a family in need. Yet there are pages for people who want iPhone 7 money and other idiotic things that they should just pay for themselves. Guys, just stop. Stop abusing your internet privileges and be happy with your iPhone 6, okay?

8) Automated Direct Messages
I hate automated Dm's. Why are they even made possible? It's like a mass text that can be sent out electronically to every follower of that account and it's always something like, "Hey Sunny, will you listen to my new song?", or "Hey Sunny, will you buy my new product?" The answer, quite frankly, is no. If your song or product were that good you wouldn't have to spam people about it.

9) Unsolicited Pics
If you're a female, there's a 110% chance you've been bombarded with an unsolicited picture at some point in your life. You know what type of picture I'm talking about. Yes, the wonderful world of surprise genitalia pictures. I also know people who send pictures of their poop to friends to gross them out. This is why we should have never been allowed to have the internet as a species, guys.

10) Filtered or Algorithm Timelines
Filtered timelines suck. This happens when a social media platform like Facebook decides its algorithm can decide what posts you will like better than others and shows those posts versus showing others or others that are more recent or relevant. Just let me pick what I read for goodness sake! I'm an adult. I think it's about time I have my preferences under control.


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