Today is a very special day for science geeks everywhere - myself included! There will be an annular solar eclipse this afternoon, early evening that will be viewable from Texas to China!

Unfortunately, since most of us reading this are here in the good 'ol midwest, our view of the solar eclipse will be a little less than the spectacular "Ring of Fire" that those on the west coast will get to experience. Those in the 8 states best suited for viewing the eclipse will witness an annular eclipse of the sun. For those of us in the midwest, it will appear as a partial eclipse. Those on the eastern coast? Well, forget about it. I'm sorry to say that for our east coast friends, the sun will have already set.

If you would like to watch this incredible site, there are a couple of options for you. One is the Slooh Space Camera, where you will be able to watch live from robotic telescope as the eclipse occurs over Japan. Another option is Scotty's Sky on Ustream. You'll be able to see the view just as is you were viewing from Area 51 in Nevada.

Should you choose to watch from your own yard, of course, you should never view a solar eclipse with the naked eye. Here are some tips to safely view the eclipse without damaging your vision.

Good luck & happy viewing!!