A game between the Nanaimo Timbermen and the Coquitlam Adanacs of the British Canadian Intermediate A indoor lacrosse league turned ugly when members of both teams let emotions get the better of them.

The whole incident begins after an Adanac's player scores a goal to put his team up 15-4. Not too thrilled with the ensuing celebration, a Timberman player cheap shots him from behind and things pretty much spiral out of control from there.

At first it looks like the fight will be contained to just the players on the floor, but as things start to escalate and the both teams come off the bench, then all hell breaks loose. Look, I get that it is a team sport and you should help out a team mate whenever something starts going down, but what I mean by that is that you should separate him or her from the situation, not jump in and make matters worse. I also understand that emotions get the upper-hand from time to time and actions are taken before they're really thought through,

What disturbs me even more is the reaction from a few of the players placed in the penalty box at the end of the video to keep them from hurting someone or themselves. The smiles on their faces and the sarcastic clapping toward the audience as they leave the floor shows me they are nothing more than a bunch of punks that learned nothing from the experience.

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]