Watch Ryan O’Bryan Read Election Tweets on Helium [VIDEO]
The 2016 Presidential Election is over, and Donald Trump will take over the White House as the 45th President of these United States. As is the case with nearly everything these days, people took to Twitter to express their feelings during and after the votes were counted. I took a few of my favorit…
Lady Gaga Releases ‘Applause’ Single Early [AUDIO]
Lady Gaga is not about to be one-upped by Katy Perry. The two pop stars were both victims of hackers and leakers who released their highly anticipated music to the masses early, so Gaga responded to the hype by sharing her song in full on her own to her beloved Little Monsters -- who were trying to …
Raven-Symone Comes Out as Gay Via Tweet
Raven-Symone, who charmed America as a child when she arrived in our living rooms, playing the precocious Olivia on 'The Cosby Show' and who has enjoyed a career as a singer (releasing four albums over a span of 15 years as well as several soundtracks), has come out as gay via tweet.
Four Odd Fears – Ryan O’Bryan’s List
Unlike other holiday's, Halloween is a time where the focus isn't so much on family or giving thanks, or whatever, but more on playing on people's fears. Personally, I could be listed as a acrophobic (fear of heights) and claustrophobic (fear of closed in spaces), the latter of which being one that …
Osama bin Laden Rises From the Dead, Starts Tweeting
Twitter has seen some zany faux-accounts lately, including a NY Bronx Zoo snake escapee, Adolf Hitler and some random guy's liver.
So when Osama Bin Laden rose from the dead and began tweeting via numerous accounts on Sunday night, it was only a little strange.
Mostly, though, it was funny.