Morgan Freeman

What Would the End of ‘Se7en’ Look Like With Farts?
You think you know movies. You definitely know that the critics are raving. Now prepare yourself for ScreenCrush’s latest and greatest series: Movies. (With Farts.) The title pretty much says it all. We take a classic scene from cinema history, and make it a little … funky.
Nino’s Movie Rental Review – The Code
This week's movies rental review is about a little known movie starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas called THE CODE. In it, Freeman plays a master jewel thief named Ripley who's deeply in debt to the Russian mob.
Become Inspired with Deep Thoughts by Morgan Freeman [VIDEO]
As one of the great actors of our time, Morgan Freeman's voice has become synonymous with characters who have philosophical thoughts on life. Whether simply narrating a film like March of the Penguins or a prison who's seen it all while serving a life sentence in one of my favorites, The Shawshank R…