The journey of the locally produced, "supernatural thriller" continues with a run on the two week long, American Online Film Awards festival.

As I've written about in the past, the "journey" of Daylight has been a lengthy one, starting nearly four years ago in the summer of 2010 when Evansville residents, and film students, David McCracken and Josh Reidford approached me about helping get the word out about an independent film they were shooting right here in the Tri-State.

Since that time, David and Josh have stopped by the studio to give updates on the film, the most recent being to discuss it's inclusion in a few international film festivals and its premiere run at Showplace Cinemas back in October.

Now it's on to the inaugural American Online Film Awards, a two week long festival where it's competing for votes against other independent films for the chance to be invited to New York for the awards ceremony in December.

For only $4.00 visitors to the site can buy a pass that allows them to watch any and every movie available on the site. If there's a movie or two you really like (Daylight for example), you can give it a vote. The highest scoring films will be invited to the December ceremony.

As with most first-time events, the website has had it's share of issues and bugs, but my understanding from David and Josh is that most of those have been corrected, and to make good to those who had trouble viewing Daylight, or casting a vote for the movie, they are offering a $1.00 discount on passes for the festival.

Having seen the movie during it's premiere in October, I can tell you that all the hard work, and proverbial blood, sweat, and tears both David and Josh, along with the other members of the cast and crew put into making this film paid off as I really enjoyed it and found myself getting anxious to see what going to happen next.

If you're a movie buff, or just want to support the hard work David and Josh have put into this film, I encourage you to spend the $3.00 to see it and help them get the recognition they deserve.