If you love horror movies, you don't want to miss Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. It debuts this weekend in Owensboro and you might even see our own Kat Mykals if you stick around after the credits.


Fans of the horror genre will love Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. It's the 2nd film in the Indie franchise known at Volumes of Blood. Filmed in and around Owensboro, producers PJ Starks & Eric Huskisson take viewers on an incredible trip through the gore and blood-soaked history of an old home. Fans of the Walking Dead will recognize Moses Moseley when he makes his appearance in the film as well.


Once the film ends and the closing credits roll, stick around. You'll see me make my film debut in a post-credit scene! See behind the scenes photos here. Want more behind the scenes previews? Watch this:


Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories debuts Saturday, October 29th at the Owensboro Convention Center. The doors open at 7pm and they will be hosting a costume contest and Halloween party as well. Additional event details and ticket information are available on the official event page.