A film over three years in the making will finally see the light of day (pun pretty much intended) on Saturday, October 5th at Showplace Cinemas East in Evansville.

Back in the summer of 2010 I received an e-mail from David McCracken and Josh Reidford, two Evansville natives, asking for the opportunity to come by the studio to talk about a film they were writing and producing in town. Truth be told, it was a blanket e-mail sent to several members of the local media with the hope that someone would take an interest and give them a chance to talk about the movie. Having an interest in movies, and a curiosity about learning how the industry works, I took the bait and invited them down to the station. And I'm glad I did.

Over these past three years, David and Josh have stopped by on a few occasions, usually several months apart to discuss the various stages of making a film, including casting, writing, and finding the time to film what they've written while continuing their educations at the University of Southern California Film School (David) and the University of Evansville (Josh).

Their most recent visit on Tuesday was the first time in nearly a year, but it was an important one. The movie is officially done. Written, filmed, produced, edited, the whole nine yards. After submitting it into a variety of film festivals including the famed Frightfest in London, England where it received positive reviews from Grolsch Film Works, FEARnet, and Britflicks, all of which commended the guys for finding an interesting new twist in what they call the "found footage" genre of fright films (made popular after the success of The Blair Witch Project).

David and Josh brought a special guest with them this time around. 14-year old Sydney Morris stars in movie as Sydney, a young girl who may be demonically possessed and have ties to the disappearance of three social workers in the town of Daylight, Indiana.

I could have sat and talked to David, Josh, and Syndey for hours due to my fascination with the process of not only making a movie, but getting people to see it once the proverbial blood, sweat and tears have been put into it. We covered as much as time would allow when they stopped by, all of which you can hear in the two segments below.

The premiere on October 5th is open to the public with tickets available now through the Showplace Cinemas website, and the guys will have DVD's of the film available for sale after the showing.

Posters can also be purchased by sending an e-mail to daylightfilms@gmail.com, and can viewed on the movie's official profile at IMDB.com.

To get you ready for the premiere, here's the film's official trailer.

Also be sure to check out the films official site, DaylightIndiana.com.