The EVSC, WKDQ, 105.3 WJLT, 106.1 KISS-FM and 103GBF will host the third annual Back to School Expo sponsored by the EVSC at Eastland Mall for 10am – 4pm on July 21th. Teachers, parents and children come check out the new features for this year’s classroom! Grade school, High school and College – you name it – there is something for everyone heading back to school this year.

The third annual Back 2 School Expo on Saturday, July 21 at Eastland Mall. It’s one stop shopping brought to you by WKDQ, 105.3 WJLT, 106.1 KISS-FM and 103GBF.

In celebration of that time of year when kids are forced off the couch and into the classroom to do something constructive – we have come up with a list of the five reasons why parents are looking forward to their kids going back to school.


5. That Week at Summer Camp Wasn’t Long Enough

Because the truth is, dropping you off at sleep away camp for a week made us feel a little sad. However, we made the most of it and it turned out to be one heck of an awesome kid free week – and then five days later, it was over. That made us even sadder.

For this reason we believe the time has come for you kids to go back to school!

2. The Sooner Kids Go Back to School – The Sooner They Finish!

Ok kids, while we certainly enjoy watching you grow into fine upstanding youngsters who will undoubtedly make the world a better place – we wonder if you can hurry it up a little. After all, the sooner you move away to college, the sooner we can turn your room into a modern day discotheque, a planetarium, or maybe we’ll just install a mechanical bull – just a couple of ideas we’ve been kicking around.

Because the sooner you graduate from college with that PHD that you have worked so hard for (we’ll be so proud!), the sooner you will be able pay back all of the money that we’ve loaned you throughout the years – seriously, we are keeping track!

So, put your big brains on and go back to school!

3. Kids Are Getting Dumb and Dumber at Home

All right kiddos, as parents we can certainly appreciate your seemingly over-zealous approach to the technological world. After all, we have always heard that technology is the key to the future. Yet, whoever made that particular statement must not have known that one day specific technology would exist for the sole purpose of rotting out the brains of our youth while making slobbering imbeciles out of them at the same time.

Seriously kids, spending eight hours a day playing video games, updating Facebook status’, and texting friends rather than going outside to play with them almost makes you certifiable.

Drop the Wii remote and go back to school!

4. We Are Tired of Hearing Kids Complain That There is Nothing to Do

The truth is kids want to be doing something, but they have absolutely no idea what that is.  As parents we do our best to give them exceptional recommendations which usually fall into that “that sounds boring” category.

By the end of the summer we have grown so tired of hearing you kids complain about how there is nothing to do that we can only offer up one more solution – get your butt back to school junior!

5. It Means Football Season is Getting Closer

That’s right – the sooner you kids start showering on a regular basis, start going to bed at a decent hour, start waking up before noon, shut off those godforsaken video games, quit whining that you’re bored, and for the love of everything holy get back to school – the sooner we can get football season started.

Because after enduring a summer of frustration and heat the adults are in desperate need of tailgate parties, Buffalo wings, cold beer, touchdowns, and cooler temperatures.

So please – we are begging you – go back to school!