I could totally do this...on a video game.

Basketball isn't my favorite sport. I like to play pick up games and shoot around, but if given the choice on TV between a basketball game and something else, something else wins a majority of time. At 6'3", everyone seems to assume that I have some skills on the court. Let me tell you, size does not equal skill. On my best day, I'm average. Although I do have a wicked 3-inch vertical.

Obviously I'm no where near the level of Los Angeles Clipper and Team USA member Blake Griffin. Even though I'm not the biggest basketball fan, I have to respect the talents of a guy like Griffin. At a recent Team USA practice, the former University of Oklahoma Sooner put on a quick show for the fans and reporters in attendance by getting an assist from the wall before slamming the ball through the hoop with a monstrous one-handed dunk. The man is simply a beast.