She puts some adult guitar players to shame.

Several years ago I got the idea in my head that I was going to learn how to play guitar. I went to a local music store on 1st Avenue in Evansville (the name of which escapes me and it has since closed) and picked up an acoustic guitar for around $200. I also bought a "how-to" book in an attempt to teach myself the basics and an electronic tuner.

At the time, I was working the overnight shift on our sister-station, 103GBF so I would take my "axe" with me and practice in the studio in between my scheduled talk breaks. After a few weeks, I realized the "self-taught" method wasn't working so I signed up for lessons at the same store I bought the guitar. This didn't help. For the life of me, I couldn't get my hands to do two separate things at the same time. I would get the fingers on my left hand set on the neck for whatever chord I was trying to play and strum with my right, but as soon as I needed to move my left hand to a different chord, I was screwed. I ended up selling that guitar to a co-worker and effectively ending my dream of being a rock god.

This young lady however, can easily do all the things I couldn't on a guitar and then some. I'm not sure what song she's playing along with, but I am sure she's pretty darn good at it. You know, Justin Bieber got his start after someone stumbled across his YouTube videos, I'm just sayin'.