Modern conveniences aren't just making life a little easier, they're also contributing to the overall stupidity of the human race.

I've noticed that as I get older, my memory seems to get worse. I've always chalked it up to increased responsibilities at work over the years and a little thing called parenthood. While I still think those things have something to do with it, it seems there are other factors working against me as well.

According to Yahoo! Health, smartphones, computers, even cars and airplanes have contributed to our declining mental capacity over the last several centuries. Namely, the following five:

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The Internet

We're all guilty of whipping out the smartphone anytime a question arises during a conversation that no one knows the answer to. "Who's that one guy that starred in that one show?" "What street is that barbecue joint on?" The answers to these and other questions are just a few taps away on any mobile device or computer. However, our constant searching doesn't help us remember anything. Once we get the answer, we move on to the next question without really locking the information we just learned.


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Not that your expected to abandon your ride and start walking or pedaling a bike everywhere you go, but the advent of the automobile has decreased the amount of physical activity our bodies get which not only leads to a little extra cushion in the midsection (among other places), but also our brains. Specifically, the area of grey matter responsible for remembering things.


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Fatty Foods

Just like the lack of physical activity can prevent your brain from functioning properly, too much delicious, deep-fried goodness can have the same effect. High blood pressure, which can strike overweight individuals, irritate your brain's communication networks, which makes it more difficult for your brain to receive messages. Grab a salad every once in a while and clean out the system.


Office Work

There are times when I just have to shut the door and get some work done. But leaving that door shut too long could be increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the room which leads to decreased amounts of oxygen in your brain causing you to lose focus. Open a window if possible, get some plants to help bring down the carbon dioxide level, or just open the door and take a stroll for a few minutes to get some fresh air.


Too Much Travelling

This applies more to those who travel frequently for business. It seems the switch in time zones not only affects your sleep pattern, but also you brain in general. Your body will start producing the sleep hormone, melatonin, at the time its most used to regardless of where you are and what time it is in that particular location. The lack of normal sleep causes your brain to produce nearly less than half the neurons than it does when you sleep normally.

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