Do Flu Shots Do More Harm Than Good?
'Tis the season to be SNOTTY, fa la la laaaa la laaaa AH-CHOO! With all these crazy temperature changes during these winter months, it seems almost impossible not to come down with SOME kinda bug that gets you all stopped up, and blowing your nose raw
American Red Cross Calling for Immediate Need of Donations
With the sever winter weather that has impacted a large portion of the country, comes a an increase in need for blood donations. According to the American Red Cross, there were more than 200 blood drives that had to be cancelled because of inclement winter weather.
The Rob’s Fall Fest Survival Guide For Diabetics [VIDEO]
Let's face it, the Fall Fest is essentially a glorified celebration of gluttony.  As the Tri-State's (Self-Appointed) Leading Diabetic, I am back again with the 2017 Fall Fest Survival Guide For Diabetics.  If you're like me and found yourself with a case of the 'betes,…

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