This Guy Should Not Be Allowed To Have A Pet [VIDEO]
Being a responsible pet owner shouldn't be that difficult. It's a lot like having a child. You feed, love, and care for your child. You should likewisefeed, love and care for your pets. The guy in the video you are about to watch may be one of the dumbest humans alive...
Stupidity At Its Finest [VIDEO]
Again, I love the internet! Almost as much as I love laughing at the stupidity of others. This video is a whole lot of stupid. Period. Listen carefully, and you'll hear the kids mom. She's right there watching what's about to happen...
"This is my not so smart kid" sh…
Big Boy’s Gonna Die…T 1/25/11
Big Boy's Food Journal 1/25/11:
11:45 AM - 2 home-made double bac0n provolone-cheeseburgers
11:00 PM - 2 Rally's Double Bacon Cheddar Crisp Cheeseburgers.
2 20oz. Mt. Dews