I don't know whether it's life imitating TV or the other way around but the line between science fiction and science-fact and quickly becoming BLURRED (pun intended!)! I was getting my daily dose of news on CNN this morning when I came across a story about contact lenses being developed that would be virtual computers on your EYE BALLS!

The funny part to me is that the other day I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, FUTURAMA, in which the evil MOM Corporation had created EYE-PHONES! Yes, smartphones that are installed INTO your eye, but less pleasantly than a contact, that would display holographic information on a virtual Heads-UP-Display (HUD) projected from the EYE-PHONE! And I remember thinking to myself, "I wouldn't be surprised if somebody invented something like that for real!" Little did I know that scientists had already hacked the FUTURAMA server, download that episode, and immediately started working on a prototype!

Some the electronic lenses will have medical capabilities and be able to detect and possibly repair early glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye injuries! Others will function like voice or thought activated smartphones, taking the term "hand-free" to a-Whole-Nother LEVEL!

Now I've never been the contact lens type anyway, I prefer the intellectual look and comfort of my specs, but if I ever had ANY intentions of switching to contacts, THAT'S ALL PAST! I could never get over my phobia of touching my eyeball. What do you think of the futuristic focals? Would you put a microchip on your eye?