Surprisingly, this past Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live was funny more than it wasn't with former cast member and current Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon taking the reins as the show's host. From everything I've seen on Facebook and the internet, there's one skit in particular that seems to have stirred more emotion than anything else.

The skit in question centered around Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebowm, and his outspoken faith. The former Florida Gator is known for his devout Christianity and giving the good Lord mad props for giving him the ability to do what he does both on and off the field. Tebow can be seen on the sidelines on any given Sunday down on one knee praying either before the game of after a touchdown in a pose the public refers to as "Tebowing". There's even a website featuring pictures of random people striking said pose. It's become the newest form of planking.

In the SNL skit, which was the last one of the night, Jesus Christ (played by Jason Sudeikis) stops by the Denver Broncos locker room to let the team now that he's been behind every one of the their come-from-behind victories. He even tells and overly-excited Tebow that even though he loves him, he needs to "take it down a notch". See for yourself:

As I mentioned earlier, the skit has found its way around the internet and Facebook since it aired Saturday night to mixed reaction. Some people (myself included) found it to be funny while others are offended by the mocking of a man who wears his beliefs on his sleeve, with some even going as far to claim the skit was blasphemous. What do you think?