Everyone knows the internet is good for a lot of things! This is a given. Shopping, listening to music, getting the daily news, etc. etc. One of my favorite things to do (along with lot of you I'm assuming) is watching funny/awesome videos. Let's face it, Youtube and other video sites will suck you in with every kind of video imaginable. One problem, because of the seemingly unlimited amount of videos out there, you know you are going to discover a lot crap. Well, Billboard has did the grunt work and has compiled their list Top 20 Viral Videos of 2010. A few of my choice favorites are:

Lin Yu Chun: Not a household name here but come on, what's not to love? He can sing a spot on version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" and he has a video that has been watched over 9 million times this year! Bonus points for the mop top; I haven't seen one that good since The Beatles!

Alright, nothing special going on here. A drunk guy is trying to put on his flip flop. Simple concept, but mesmerizing to say the least. Let's face it, we've all probably been at this point one way or another before. If you wondered what you looked like then, this is it. Enjoy.

You've probably seen a few of their other videos. If not here and here are good reference points. Now that you're caught up feast your eyes on this crowning achievement for their song "This Too Shall Pass." This probably my favorite one thus far just for the the sheer amount things that are going on in the video.

That's my picks from Billboard's list. Were any of these your favorites as well? To see their remaining top videos hit the source link below.

Billboard's Top 20 Viral Videos of 2010