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Child Scolds Mom For Getting Pregnant Too Much [VIDEO]
This video, which was only posted to YouTube YESTERDAY, has already been viewed FOUR MILLION times!  I can understand why...  It's VERY funny.  This is a video of a mom breaking the news to her young son and infant daughter that she is going to have another baby.  Her son wants NOTHING to do with it…
10 Funniest Cat Videos
This list of the 10 funniest cat videos cover many of the outlandish predicaments that these cute and cuddly felines somehow get themselves into.
10 Dogs Getting Their Groove On
It seems like every day we discover yet another reason to reaffirm the awesomeness of our four-legged friends. For one thing, dogs are super troopers when it comes to our embarrassing Facebook antics.
9 Signs the Pumpkin Spice Craze Has Gone Too Far
Like it or not, fall is here, (pretty much, let's not get technical about it, okay?). We all know what that means -- hot apple cider, digging out your sweaters from the back of the closet, and people going on and on about how much they love pumpkin spice lattes.
3-Year-Old Offers the Perfect New Baby Announcement
Kids, they say the darndest things, amirite?? One couple decided to harness the precocity of toddlers to announce to their friends and family that they're having a baby. When they asked their daughter Adela, to tell the camera what's happening in a few months, boy, oh boy, did she ever tel…
6 Things I Will Always Find Funny
There's nothing like a good laugh. It can make a good conversation great, it can brighten up an otherwise crappy day, heck it could even help you live longer. The following six things are just a few of the surefire things that will give me, at the very least, a good chuckle.
The Top 5 Karoke Fails – Ryan’s List [VIDEO]
Ahhhh karaoke. Like so many other ill-advised activities, it's sounds like a great idea after a few several alcoholic beverages. Trust me, I've been there myself. At it's core, karaoke it's meant to give average schmoes like you and I the opportunity to live out our rock star dre…
When Break Dancing Goes Wrong
Earlier this week, Chris Brown was filmed getting his Break Dance on, but not everyone has the skill, coordination, or ROOM IN THE KITCHEN to perform some of the moves that Mr. Brown has honed over the years. Here's a video of kid trying to show his mom his mad skills and almost ends up with a …
Driver-less Mini-Van Prank
No one love a good prank more than I do, especially ones that involve anyone getting hurt! In this week's edition, the people in the van converted it FLINTSTONE style and decided to have a little fun with some folks in a local parking lot! Look at the face of the people in the video as they won…

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