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Daily Dose of Funny!
Whenever you thing YOUR day is going bad, and you need a little cheering up, let me know and I'll give you your Daily Dose of Funny! Nothing like a crotch-shot with a baseball to give you a chuckle (as long as its not YOU getting the crotch-shot!) ENJOY
Super Cute Friday: Kitty In A Hamster Ball [VIDEO]
This is starting to be a regular thing. On Friday's I scour the internet in search of the ultimate in cuteness to help you kick off your weekend, and let me tell you, I have found The One! TGIF!
The kittens in this video are Abyssinian - A breed known for their unusual coat and high level of ene…
A Cat and Hamster Love Story [VIDEO]
TGIF! In honor of our survival of yet another work week, and making it to Friday, I have for you another randomly mindless animal video for you. Who knew that a hamster and a cat could fall in love?!
WARNING: Cute Factor - 10
Billboard’s Top 20 Viral Videos
Everyone knows the internet is good for a lot of things! This is a given. Shopping, listening to music, getting the daily news, etc. etc. One of my favorite things to do (along with lot of you I'm assuming) is watching funny/awesome videos. Let's face it, Youtube and other video sites will suck you …