I am a fan of YouTube, probably too much of a fan, if I'm being completely honest. The insane variety of subjects and content, and the all-too-easy-to-find rabbit holes often lead to me waste a bunch of time while I should be working. I had to force myself to get off YouTube just so I could write this article (true story). I am also a big fan of life hacks. I love the fact that some tips and tricks actually do make life a little easier/better. I also like knowing something that not everyone else knows, and I like being able to share some 'secret' knowledge with folks - and that's what I'm about to do.

I must first give credit where credit it due, and in this case, that credit must go (at least partially) to my wife. The rest of the credit goes to the 2021 life hack calendar that she got me for Christmas - that's where I learned the following YouTube hacks. These tips only apply to watching YT videos on your computer (desktop or laptop), because they incorporate your keyboard - it comes in quite handy.

  • You can use the number keys (1,2,3, etc.) to skip ahead in the video. Pressing the number 1 will jump ahead ten percent, the number 2 will jump ahead 20 percent, and so on and so fourth.
  • You can also use the "arrow" keys in a similar fashion. Pressing the right arrow will skip ahead five seconds, while pressing the left arrow will go back five seconds. Pressing the up or down arrows 'should' raise or lower the volume. I say 'should' because I'm not sure if this works on all computers.
  • You can use the 'period' and 'comma' to advance or reverse the video one frame at a time. This trick comes in especially handy if you need a screen grab, but find it difficult to pause the video in just the right spot.

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