Youth Resources of Southwestern Indiana invites you to join them in celebrating 30 years of empowering and inspiring young people in the Evansville area to become positive and active members of the community!

Founded on November 4th, 1987, Youth Resources (YR) has helped thousands of young people right here in the Tri-State become more engaged and involved in helping making our area a great place to live, work, and raise a family through volunteerism, community partnership, and more.

To celebrate their countless success stories, and continue their mission for years to come, YR is giving you the opportunity to join in on the 24-hour party through the following ways:

  1. Write your YR story to share on the blog
  2. Raise funds for YR by creating a personal Facebook fundraiser
  3. Give to the YR cause closest to your heart.
  4. Wear your YR gear and share a photo on social media using #YRday
  5. Download images to share and tag #YRday in your posts

As someone who has worked with Youth Resources on a few different occasions, I've seen first-hand the impact it has on young people looking to make a difference right here at home. There's a fire inside each of them. They believe they can make a difference, and a drive to make those beliefs a reality. In a world where it seems that everyone wants to tear everything down, it's refreshing, and relieving, to see that spirit alive and well in those who will become future leaders in the community regardless of the career path they choose.

Congratulations Youth Resources on 30 years, and here's to countless more!

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