So imagine, it's officially October, and the leaves are turning beautiful colors against a forebodingly dark, overcast sky. A chill has settled in the air, and apple cider and pumpkin spice perfume the home. There is no better way to spend a chilly fall day, or evening, than in the comfort of your own home, and to indulge in a few frightful movies. There are a vast array of things to find to watch, without having to spend any extra for entertainment. Here is a list of all the horror movies that can be found on one streaming service or the other. Most of these services also offer family-friendly features as well as the ones included on the lists below. Pop some popcorn and refill the Halloween candy bowl and enjoy a great movie!

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Don't forget Hocus Pocus 2 premieres on Disney+ on September 30th!

Shudder's Halloween Streaming list

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Enjoy some classic Halloween scares on Shudder!

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Amazon Prime has several scary movies to choose from as well!

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Rent "The Fog" on Prime and keep an ear-out for familiar locations and road names. Many road names in the film were named after popularly traveled roads in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A place where film director John Carpenter called home for a period of time.


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So many titles to choose from including one of my all time favorites "The Amityville Horror" from 1979


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There's no shortage of spine-tingling movies to choose from on Hulu. Maybe check out A Quiet Place.


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Netflix is also a great source of fear-tainment with the movie series The Conjuring...

Check out this list of new releases that Netflix is conjuring up this coming season.

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31 nights of Halloween on the Freeform Channel

If you don't have dish or cable TV, the Freeform Channel (formerly known as ABC Family) can be streamed from platforms such as YouTubeTV. 31 nights of Halloween is a yearly Halloween tradition with many family favorites. With new titles being added each year there's something for everyone. For the full list of what will be showing on Freeform check out their website. Happy Halloween!

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Stacker compiled a list of ways that Halloween has changed over the last 100 years, from how we celebrate it on the day to the costumes we wear trick-or-treating. We’ve included events, inventions, and trends that changed the ways that Halloween was celebrated over time. Many of these traditions were phased out over time. But just like fake blood in a carpet, every bit of Halloween’s history left an impression we can see traces of today.

13 Spooky-But-Not Scary Halloween Movies

These films are perfect for people who love Halloween but don’t love super scary movies.

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