Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Have you planned your menu yet? Would a $100 Amazon gift card help? What about a Smart LED TV, $400 Christmas shopping spree, or Keurig Brewing system when you win wake up at 3 a.m. to make your bird? We can help! You can also get more chances to win by sharing this contest on social media, following us on Youtube and resigning for this newsletter. Click here to see all our VIP club contests at once!

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When you wake up Thanksgiving (or any other morning) what's the first thing you do? Yep, me too. Make the coffee. We are giving away a Keurig Brewing system too!

Now, after your Thanksgiving feast, you'll want to settle in and let the turkey digest. What better way to do that then to watch football? Well, register to win this LED Smart TV while you are there.

And, finally, when Turkey Day is over, it's time for shopping! Get your Black Friday on by winning one of these shopping gift cards!

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