I asked my friends on Facebook to fill in the blank: "You know you're from Evansville if..." and I got some really great responses! Take a look!!!

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From Ski and Grippos to the Fall Festival, my Facebook friends had some great ways to know that you're from Evansville!

Neal Combs Zesto is in your vocabulary

Heather-Jonathan Bennett You have been known to eat BBQ grippos and ski for breakfast!

Jamie Lynn Gish You look forward to gaining at least 10 lbs at fall fest

George Arbary You get stopped by a red light at every intersection in town!!!

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Chris Miller It's snowing on Monday and 70 degrees on Wednesday!

Ashlie Meier Broster You know the difference between the East side and the West side, 2 different worlds

Paul Lamey You know you're from Evansville if you've driven across the bridge to save money on something, only to realize that you ended up spending more i

Roger Small If you remember the sunset drive-in on hwy41

Melissa Tines You check Evansville watch and the sheriffs page daily to see if you know anyone there.

Jason Greer If you know the Big Top is not a actual circus

Steven Henning you enjoy Zesto's, Grippo's and Ski!

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John Scott Foster think that driving from reitz hill to burkhardt is a really long drive.

Philip R. Hooper when you eat brain sandwiches.

Shelly Fegan-Angulo You love Grippos and ski soda

Jennifer Orr When the speed limit is 60 then 45, no 25 wait 70 no 35

Julie Bornefeld Kemmerer When someone is getting arrested for throwing urine on another person

Kristen Skittles Pointer You remember sterling brewery

Emerson Traycee U see more mopeds on the hwy then cars in the summer

Micah Ellis Greer When you drive on a highway or expressway & there are stoplights or a stoplight every 10ft on every road...Stoplight City.

Bruce Ripple · "if PRE-SHE-ATE-CHUH is part of your vocabulary"

Joshua Gruzard an expressway has stoplights.

Anna Kessler Cruising Green was a part of your weekend. If the Otters were a big part of your Summertime activities. If you know what Jimtown is. If Swonders was the place to be on the weekends.

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Sarah Marie You know the tune for "meth news"

Adam Louis Kahn One of the first questions you ask someone new is, "Where did you go to high school?"Karen L. Temple You know there is Nothing express about the Lloyd Expressway.

Patricia Silver Pease You have Pizza King on speed dial

Brian Michelle Bradfield If you know what a MUNCHIE Map is