Though Yellowstone is set in Montana, Kentucky is a frequent costar of the wildly popular television show. The reason why is quite simple. Bourbon!

Franklin County, Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace has a brand that has been lighting up the internet this year because it's featured in Season 5 of the show. That brand is Weller 12.

Now, I will admit that I am a lightweight when it comes to bourbon.  Actually, who am I kidding? I am a total lightweight when any alcohol is involved. However, I have two friends in Owensboro whom I consider to be bourbon experts. One of them is my good friend Jacob Kiper, who just recently launched the website

Jacob Kiper
Jacob Kiper

If you're a bourbon fan, you should check out that new website. Think of it in these terms. You know how movie theatre websites have a "Coming Attractions" page? Thanks to Jacob and his partners, whiskey now has "Coming Attractions" site of its own.

Jacob filled me in on some pretty fun facts about Buffalo Trace. Though it's based here in the Commonwealth, it's actually owned by Sazerac, which calls New Orleans home.

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Another fun fact. Sazerac also owns Glenmore Distillery (in Owensboro, KY) and Barton 1792 (in Bardstown, KY).

By the way, you won't find these distilleries on the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Buffalo Trace, in particular, is one of the most popular brands in the world- with or without the foot traffic from the trail.

My personal knowledge of Weller 12 stems from the fact that it routinely shows up in bourbon raffles for a variety of nonprofits in the community. I do a lot of nonprofit work, so I have stumbled across a bottle or two in my time. Interestingly enough, the reason Weller's in those raffles is because it has become incredibly difficult to find.

As Jacob explains, "Maybe eight years ago, Weller was easily found at $35. Nothing about the product has changed, except now, good luck finding it on the shelf and not for less than $100."

Jacob says that the team at Buffalo Trace are masters of marketing. Clearly, that's the case, because they now have their product featured on one of the most talked about and beloved shows on television- Yellowstone.

My friend Barbara Poynter, who's better known to some aficionados as the Bourbon Lady, says to pay close attention to the logos for Buffalo Trace and the one for the show. She notes, "They have a very similar font and look."


She adds, "When you think of the show's motto- related to the oak tree related to longevity related to land and to history- all of those things go hand-in-hand with the persona that Buffalo Trace has created as the longest continuously-operated distillery."

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