I don't know how I survived.

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I've decided to do a new series of blogs based on whenever I personally encounter or witness a cringe-inducing encounter. We've all been there and will be there again, might as well showcase these for fame and fortune.

Last night, I had some time to kill before seeing a movie, so I stopped at Walmart to kill some time. Little did I know that I was in for some cringe-worthy interaction. We've all witnessed things that make us want to be anywhere else, and yes, most of these tend to happen at Walmart.

As I was browsing the electronics section last night, I saw two dudes probably in their late-teens to early-20's also perusing the section. I was minding my own business when I watched one of the guys walk over to the wrestling section.

I'm an avid wrestling fan and don't immediately shame anyone for liking dudes in spandex grappling with each other. I know the stereotype is that we are all dumb hicks who kiss our sisters or whatever, but that isn't true. Some of us don't have sisters.

Regardless of what your stereotype is, this fella was going to do his best to reinforce all of them with one action. He walked over to this particular DVD:


After walking over to this DVD set, the comments began. I use the term "comment" loosely because all he did was poke each woman he thought was attractive and said "HOT" after each one. This went on for probably about 30-40 seconds but it felt like days had gone by as I stood there in this awkward man's declaration of which female athlete he thought was "hot." His friend wasn't even nearby at this point; he simply turned into a town crier and shouted "HOT" at the off-chance that Alexa Bliss would be in the next aisle, stop what she was doing in order to come over and tell this guy she'd never heard something so romantic?

The irony of this particularly DVD set showcasing how far women's wrestling has come being reduced to "who's hot" is not lost on me. If somehow this post reaches the guy who did this, here is some advice: DON'T👏DO👏THAT!

It's 2018 and women are more than just "hot" or not. You also aren't helping the terrible wrestling fan stereotypes either, and to that I say: What the f***, dude? You're still young enough that you can correct the course. So yeah, maybe think about doing that?


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