Bad Drivers aren't the only thing that can give you road rage during your daily commute. Construction zones, ill-timed traffic signals, and intersection DESIGNS (i hate round-a-bouts) can exponentially add to the desire to LOSE IT in traffic!

One of the WORST designed and extremely frustrating intersections that I cross on the regular is at Main St. / Lloyd Expressway by the Berry Plastics Factory! Not only is the chance for a collision extremely HIGH while exiting the ramp trying to merge, if there is a TRAIN on the tracks, you are basically TRAPPED there until they finish!

I sat at that intersection this morning for almost 20 MINUTES until I got so frustrated that I pulled over to the makeshift "shoulder", put it in reverse, crossed BACK THROUGH the intersection, and took an extended detour through downtown!

What the WORST intersection in the Tri-State that YOU hate coming to? Leave your answer in the comment box and I'll read the results during tomorrow's show! DRIVE SAFE!

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